Thursday, April 23, 2020

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Google Classroom - new assignments posted

FYI - please check Salle 23’s Google Classroom for new math, music and Media Literacy assignment postings

Mme :)

Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Unit 9 Length, Perimeter, and Area - Math Textbook Work for April 2020

FYI - for those of you not online on GoogleClassroom, please get a head start on Math Makes Sense Textbook work for April 2020.  I will be posting Math Textbook work next week on GoogleClassroom.  Mme  :)

Here is the worklist:

page 325 #1-4; 5-7

page 328 #1-8

page 333/334 #1-6

page 336 #1-9, 11, 12

page 340 #1-8
page 343 #1-6

page 346 #1-8

page 350 #1-5

page 352 #1-7
page 355 #1-4

page 357 #1-4

page 358 Show you Know #1-12

END of UNIT 9 :)

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Update for Apr 6th - What to expect

Salut! Bonjour Salle 23!

Just to ease into this transition to online learning, I wanted to give an update of what is coming up:

1) Salle 23 will be logging into Google Classroom each day for announcements.

2) Students are doing self-paced math learning each day through: Knowledge Hook Math.

3) Students will continue their Guided Reading Novel Study and Reading Responses on their books: Wanting Mor, Breadwinner or No Ordinary Day (students were divided up in to 3 groups).
*Email Mme if this is not feasible, we can find an alternate book.

4) Sign up for Duolingo Classroom for French ( and start at the basics then work up the Skill Tree for more advanced learning.  I have posted the Username and temporary password (students will pick a new one once they get in) in Google Classroom.

Students are encouraged to do up to five hours of work per week and spread out the learning around the schedule parents have already set up :)

Please email Mme with any questions :)

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

ATTENTION PARENTS: Passwords required for Google Classroom access on

FYI - I am using the Google Classroom already set up by Ms Harrison for Media Literacy for Rm 23.

- Please type in: and go directly to the Login page, once you are verified, please go straight to Google Classroom

-In case you need this info: Rm 23 Google Classroom Code =  5fb2eoy


-Students were asked to memorize and keep their 9-digit TDSB student number which is the Username and their chosen Password to login to the Chromebooks at school.


-At home, students will still need their 9-digit TDSB student number (starts with 343......) and their Password (8-digit max).

-IF your child has forgotten their password, please email me ASAP  at, I will need to re-set their password and email you with a new one.

-Student numbers (aka Username) have not changed since the first day of school and I can easily pass that along.


Before you start

If you are logged in to your personal Gmail account, please note that this sometimes creates conflicts.  The best way is to completely log out of your Gmail account before trying to log in to AW.  

Step 1. Accessing AW from home

How to access AW from home.  1 - Open browser. 2 - Type in in your address bar. 3 - Type in your Student Number and Password. 4 - Click the Blue Login Button.

Step 2. Accessing Google Classroom after successfully logging in

You have arrived at the AW support Site.  Hover your mouse over Google Apps+ and click classroom!

Ready to roll!

You made it!  Now you have access to all the classes that you have been registered in.

You now have access to all announcements, shared resources, homework assignments and the latest news.  


Tuesday, March 31, 2020